Plan the Perfect Wedding … There’s an App for That

From a guest list organizer to a cake designer to a dress or tuxedo builder - wedding planning tools can be the answer to all of your needs.

Weddings can be one of the happiest, as well as, the most stressful events for an inexperienced planner to organize. As you begin your preparations, you may quickly find your wedding to do list growing longer and longer as arrangements and scheduling materials become increasingly more disorganized. When planning your special day, wedding planner apps are a very helpful tool to help you organize everything that is needed for the event. From a guest list organizer to a cake designer to a dress or tuxedo builder, wedding planning tools can be the answer to all your needs.

Moreover, wedding software can be one of your greatest assets during this oftentimes hectic time. These fabulous programs offer a wide variety of innovative features, providing everything from virtual seating charts and registry details to an easy to follow printable wedding planning guide. All online wedding planning software is not created equal. An important characteristic to look for in your wedding planning software is the ability to record and keep track of small details such as which guests are coming from out of town, who has food allergies, what gifts have been received and have you sent thank you cards. When selecting the best wedding planning software for your event, the first thing to look for is a fantastic and well organized calendar application. This feature should be able to record special meetings and payment due dates as well as send you notifications of important events and deadlines.

A wedding guest list app will allow you to electronically track how many guests you invite and who is able to attend or not. Additionally you can keep a contact list for each of your guests as well as each vendor you are using for your event.

Another useful event planning tool is a wedding magazine – a publication devoted solely to wedding planning. They are full of helpful tips for how to organize a ceremony and reception, the best venues to host your event, and even methods to save money. If you prefer a larger selection of wedding designs and ideas, consider looking at the mobile applications for the most popular bridal magazines on the shelves today. Brides Magazine, one of the leading wedding magazines since 1959, is available for download on the iPad. The Brides Magazine app features high resolution images that are designed to display beautifully on the larger screen of a tablet device.

Consider downloading a cake designer app to help you create the cake of your dreams. Choose from a variety of different flavors and colors to match your wedding design. If you need additional help with planning your big day, look through the wide array of wedding planning applications in your app store. A popular app for the android and apple devices is the Wilton Cake Ideas & More application. Unlike the other app where you design your own wedding cake, this application focuses on instruction and inspiration. A popular trend shown lately in wedding catalogs makes use of cupcakes to build your own wedding cake. Cupcakes for weddings can be used as the center piece of the event, miniature desserts for guests, as well as creative cake decorations and toppers.

While the bride takes care of most aspect of planning and organizing the wedding day, there is one main task left to the groom. Finding a wedding tuxedo for himself and his groomsmen! How do you know where to look for the best tux designs, colors, prices, and fashions? There’s an app for that! Help make the groom’s decision process easier with a tuxedo builder app. These wedding planning tools often offer free downloads with options for jackets, shirts, ties, pants, vests and cummerbunds, and even shoes.